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Podcast Blog: Service-based Faith with Gordon Holmes

As I embark on this new theme of interviewing guests who put their faith into practice, I want to make sure to not always choose authors or celebrities. I also want to include people who daily and quietly practice their faith.

Gordon Holmes is a blend of these concepts. He is an average guy who recently attained Internet celebrity through the actions of another person. Holmes is a rideshare driver who picked up Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame a few months ago. Rowe was so taken by Holmes' servant attitude that he posted about his driver, launching Gordon's "fifteen minutes of fame" in viral fashion.

In this podcast, I talk to Holmes about his instant fame and the life behind it. He puts his faith into practice by serving people with an extra dose of love. He doesn't claim to be perfectly pious, but he's the guy you want driving you away from trouble.

Along the way, Holmes talks about his prayer style and his service-as-ministry approach, about how he has dealt with depression, and about bad choices he has made for which he is trying to atone. Gordon may not be a polished speaker, but his message is profound. It's a fascinating conversation that reveals how God uses all of us, with our unique gifts, even through our troubles and faults, to reveal his kingdom of love and mercy.

You can find the podcast on major sites like Apple, Audacy, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Podbean by searching for "Practical Faith Academy podcast." Alternatively, you can launch the podcast from many sites by visiting my Free Content page at

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