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Live Like

You're Loved

2023 Oasis Award*  winner  (Nonfiction)

* Presented by The Well Conference for Creatives and Film Festival

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We can say that we believe that we are loved and forgiven by God. But we must go from knowing about God to knowing God intimately, then embedding that knowledge in our souls. When we do, it transforms ours lives.

Offered as a book and as a 5-lesson Sunday School curriculum video study that shows you the steps to living like you're loved, forgiven, sent, and eternal.

"This book gives you simple steps for living. These four steps are easy and practical to follow. What I found helpful is if one step, you don’t quite master, then go back to try it again. No battle is won forever, so using this book as a reference guide makes sense.

I love when an author bares his soul. Cecil shows he has not always gotten it right. As my mother used to say, 'some lessons are store-bought.' Cecil has invested, and his investment has grown. This is why you can trust his truth and the truth."

Rick Hightower, Author, 26.2 Miles to Grace: How my life was saved by Miracles, Marriage and Marathons

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The Next Thing logo MATTED with Living Water Award.jpg

Featured Content: The Next Thing

2023 Living Water Award* winner

(Runner-up, Nonfiction)


* Presented by the Blue Lake Christian Writers' Conference

Crisis is inevitable, yet when it hits we often experience a spiritual disconnect, simply because we don't know how to respond authentically. What would it look like if we connected our practical response to crisis with our spiritual lives? A 5-part adult Sunday School lesson series based on Simplifying, Trusting, Resting, and Grieving.

“I would recommend The Next Thing to anyone going through a crisis and to others who may eventually be confronted by their own crises. This would make a good five-part lesson for any Sunday School class."

Linda M., The Next Thing reader and Amazon reviewer

“Cecil makes the reading easy to follow, and it seems like he is sitting right beside you discussing the crisis you are in at the time. Thank you for writing this book!"

LuAnn Dolly, The Next Thing reader and Amazon reviewer

The Legacy Tree:

A Christian Model for a Life of Significance

The Legacy Tree is a 12-lesson Sunday School curriculum video series that uses a tree metaphor to teach how to define ourselves, give ourselves, and replenish ourselves to move from success to significance as we contribute to God's kingdom. It can be purchased and viewed separately in three modules of four weeks each, or purchased in a cost-savings bundle.

"The Legacy Tree is a wonderful study reminding us of who we are as Christians and why we do what we do in His name."

Joe Rule, small group leader, Richardson, Texas

"What an amazing accomplishment your Legacy Tree series is, and how many lives you will bless with it!"

Kelly Shamblin, class participant, Plano, Texas

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