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The Next Thing

Crisis is inevitable, yet when it hits we often experience a spiritual disconnect, simply because we don't know how to respond authentically. What would it look like if we connected our practical response to crisis with our spiritual lives? A 5-lesson series based on Simplifying, Resting, Trusting, and Grieving.

“What I particularly like about the book is that the soundness of the wisdom is laid out in simple, practical terms: Simply. Trust. Rest. Grieve. Cecil skillfully weaves together Biblical teachings with his own down-to-earth common sense and lived experience.”

Scott Engle

Teaching Pastor, St. Andrew United Methodist Church, Plano, TX

Author of Restart: Getting Past Christian-ish and What Jesus Expects of Us

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Live Like You're Loved

This series emphasizes four truths from the Bible: You are loved; you are forgiven; you are sent; and you are eternal. Cecil walks through the scriptural basis for each truth, then illustrates a life lived in each truth. The goal is to transform our lives as we trust in God's truth and intention for us, deepening our relationships with God and with others.

"This course is near and dear to my heart.  In my Christian Walk, I have encountered so many people who really and truly do not know the love of our Lord and Savior.  I think that what Cecil is doing with his ministry and with courses such as this, is a definite need fulfillment."

Jerry Smith

Small group leader

Braselton, Georgia

The Legacy Tree:

A Christian Model for a Life of Significance

The Legacy Tree is a 12-lesson series that uses a tree metaphor to teach how to define ourselves, give ourselves, and replenish ourselves to move from success to significance as we contribute to God's kingdom. It can be viewed separately in three modules of four weeks each.

"I would highly recommend The Legacy Tree for a self-led small group at any stage."

Joe Rule

Small group leader

Richardson, Texas

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