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Live Like

You're Loved
2023 Oasis Award*  winner 


* Presented by The Well Conference for Creatives and Film Festival

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Would you like to be more joyful each day? Would you like to resiliently bounce back from setbacks, become a better person who treats others as Christ commands, and have a closer relationship with God? This is the promise of "Live Like You're Loved." Cecil shows the formula for transforming your life. First, don't only believe, but also experience God's love, forgiveness, sending purpose, and eternal connection. Then take baby steps, called the SAIL steps, that fill the gap to become who God intends you to be. Offered as a book and as a five-part adult Sunday School lesson video series.

"I found the content to be so rich that I wanted to stop reading after each small bit to allow time for reflection and application. Since the seed for this book was a weekly video study, it makes sense that one would pause to reflect on one concept before moving on to the next. Cecil uses both scripture and experience to explain the truth of God’s love for us - for me and for you - in such a way that 'knowing love' moves from intellectual concept to spiritual experience. From head to heart. This alone should be savored and absorbed."


- Rev. Liz Moen (ret.)

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We don't experience true freedom the way we are intended to.

In spite of all that Christianity preaches about who we are and what has been done for us, the shackling weight of guilt, shame, and self-loathing are obstacles that we too often get tripped up by. Why is this? Why do we hear and know truths about us and our relationship with Christ that should change our lives, and yet nothing feels different?

We have a disconnect between our heads and our hearts.

Perhaps we accidentally limit the power of grace. In fact, maybe the same love that God promises He has for us past our sin is meant for our own self-doubt, as well. Because knowing that God’s love and grace is offered to us is not the same as accepting it. And even if the freedom that gives is something we can acknowledge God desires for us, it doesn’t mean we’re choosing to reap the benefits of it in our lives.

God didn't make us to be miserable.

Live Like You’re Loved is about finally experiencing the freedom Christ offers. About not only accepting that you are loved, but allowing that to transform your life by leaning into that intimacy with God and re-discovering Him each day. Not that you will grow closer to God, but instead realize that by living like you’re loved and accepted, you will continually discover just how close God already is to you.

The fullness of God is present for you, right now.

All of God’s love, grace, forgiveness, and promise is available to you right now. The only patience needed is for yourself. This immediacy is central to Live Like You’re Loved, as we unpack how we can tap into these abstract concepts and make them concrete in our daily lives. We encourage you to try out this book and video series, not only because it helps you experience being close with God, but because you’ll find that God is so much easier to follow and listen to when you’re at His side.

"Live Like You're Loved" is a great life application study

"I found the video series to be thoroughly engaging and appreciated that it created the necessary space for Christians to reflect on what it means to be loved by an all-loving God. I would recommend this curriculum to any small group or Sunday school class."

- Tayler Johnson, Admissions Advisor at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

"Live Like You’re Loved is a great guide to start living. It begins with spiritual truths like you are loved, you are forgiven, you are sent, and you are eternal. These truths are supported by scripture. What I like most about the book are the practical examples Cecil gives to show that these truths are true. We live in a world where people doubt the truth, ignore the truth, and don’t know the truth. Beginning the book on what we know to be true helps makes this a solid exploration of how to start living. This book also gives you simple steps for living. These four steps are easy and practical to follow."

- Rick Hightower, Author, 26.2 Miles to Grace: How My Life Was Saved by Miracles, Marriage, and Marathons

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