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As the son of a preacher, Cecil Taylor understands the complexity of the word "call".

A lifetime's worth of "calls" has led Cecil to successful careers in software development, broadcast radio, and product management at the forefront of the telecom industry. And yet, in spite of the unique journey God has led him on, the struggle he has faced his entire life is one that is shared by most Christians:

How do you reconcile your call to ministry and call to Christ with the other directions God is leading you? How do you continue to grow closer to God in love and service when you're dedicated to so many other pursuits, whether it's a career or family or just the constant grind necessary in life?

40 years of teaching adults and youth in church has allowed God to give some answers to Cecil, and move his call to sharing it further. That's what Cecil Taylor Ministries is all about; humbly passing on wisdom that God has used already to change one life, in the hopes that it changes the lives of many.

With an MBA in Corporate Entrepreneurship and decades of experience in applying those principles across ministry settings, Cecil Taylor is prepared to help you revitalize your church, your small group, and your spiritual life. Learn more about Cecil's background at his LinkedIn page.

The foundation of Cecil's experience is that every day of the week can be Sunday.

The feeling of intimacy, connection, growth, and love that we find in church and in communion with Christ isn't limited to one day a week. In fact, the start of understanding your call to ministry as a Christian is learning that God is present in every direction he has called you. Your career, your family, the constant highs and lows of life, all of them hold meaning to God.

Cecil's call and the main point of Cecil Taylor Ministries is to help you and others learn about a 7-day practical faith. About connecting what led you to love Christ with the entirety of your life, whether it's your habits, your relationships, or even your identity.

If your call is to lead in the church, Cecil Taylor Ministries can help.

Our video series are meant to make it easy to follow your call through easy-to-follow leader guides for small group leaders, expertly produced videos, and even sermon recommendations for pastors.

But our message is meant for everyone. Although Cecil's roots are from the Wesleyan/Arminian tradition, the material is denomination-independent, meant for every Christian group. It's meant for people who want to lead, and meant for people who need help learning how to follow. But most importantly, it's meant for you.

More on Cecil's influences:

The five authors who have had the most impact on me, and why:

  • C.S. Lewis, for balancing the "insider" view of Christianity with the "outsider" view, a valuable insight for this lifelong insider to gain.

  • Scottish professor and author William Barclay, for balancing the importance of scriptural context with what it means to us today.

  • John Wesley, for balancing his denominational views with the tenets that are accepted by all Christians.

  • Henri Nouwen and Francois Fenelon, Catholic priests who in their own ways balanced mystical and theological thoughts with practical faith exhibited in both their writings and their lives.

Then there are my spiritual mothers:

  • Susan Hoff, my middle school Sunday School teacher, who often prepared a lesson for one single student in our little church, showing me that the one always matters the most.

  • Aeolia Tuttle, my high school Sunday School teacher, who taught out of her pain and faith as much as from a book.

  • Leigh Anderson, my college and lifelong friend, who always cared more for others than herself.

  • Frankie Comer, my church friend and colleague, who greatly encouraged me while showing me a Christian could be both gentle and tough.

And special mention to Bob Pannell, an Army general turned Sunday School teacher turned Sunday School student of mine, who busted my chops every Sunday until I finally had my act together as a teacher.


“You have an ability to connect with people in different ways. You have an ability to not only share your experiences and thoughts, but to pull quotes from other sources that deepened our understanding. You communicate in different ways; we even had one woman who was very moved by the artwork that accompanied the lessons.” 

—  Rev. Trevor Kennedy

Senior Pastor

Good News United Methodist Church, Leander, TX

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