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Teaching Christians How to Live a 7-Day Practical Faith

Cecil Taylor Ministries provides Instant Content - books, adult Sunday School lesson video studies, and other paid and free resources to help Christian individuals, small groups, and churches to build a faith that is successfully translated into life application. Founded by Cecil Taylor, the ministry specializes in Sunday School curriculum, Bible studies, and speaking engagements.

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Latest Content:
Live Like

You're Loved

2023 Oasis Award*  winner  (Nonfiction)

* Presented by The Well Conference for Creatives and Film Festival

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We can believe that God loves everyone but still not believe that God loves me. Why do we hear and know truths about ourselves and our relationship with Christ that should change our lives, and yet nothing feels different? Cecil shares the steps that transform you to live each day like you're loved, forgiven, sent, and eternal. "Live Like You're Loved" is presented as a book and as a 5-part adult Sunday School lesson video series.

"Your personality shines through the work, which is endearing and authentic. This laid the groundwork for honest, open, and even difficult conversations to occur."

Rev. Trevor Kennedy

Good News United Methodist Church

Leander, Texas

“This course is near and dear to my heart.  In my Christian Walk, I have encountered so many people who really and truly do not know the love of our Lord and Savior. I think that what Cecil is doing with his ministry and with courses such as this, is a definite need fulfillment."

Jerry Smith, class leader, Braselton, Georgia

Featured Content: The Next Thing

2023 Living Water Award*  winner

(Runner-up, Nonfiction)

* Presented by the Blue Lake Christian Writers' Conference


Crisis is inevitable, yet when it hits we often experience a spiritual disconnect, simply because we don't know how to respond authentically. What would it look like if we connected our practical response to crisis with our spiritual lives? "The Next Thing" is offered as a book and as a 5-part adult Sunday School lesson video series based on Simplifying, Trusting, Resting, and Grieving.

“Cecil Taylor generously shares his personal experience of crises and offers a model with four components—simplify, trust, rest, grieve—to help the reader understand and navigate times of crisis when they occur in life. The model is illustrated by Scripture that provide spiritual direction for managing each occurrence of the Next Thing. As we trust in God for the outcome, we are assured that moments of crisis will inevitably pass away.”

Julie Yarbrough

Author of Present Comfort and the Beyond the Broken Heart series of grief resources

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Who is Cecil Taylor?

A long-time teacher of adult and youth Christian groups, Cecil infuses his books and videos with his personable, thought-provoking style.

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Blue Lake 23 NT Living Award with Marilyn Turk CROPPED.jpg

What's Different About Cecil Taylor Ministries' Content?

"Live Like You're Loved was a Godsend! As a session leader without much time, I was able to watch the video and prepare easily for the sessions. The Leader's Guide is all laid out for you in an organized and precise way. Cecil does a phenomenal job of doing the majority of the legwork and preparation."

Rev. Trevor Kennedy

Good News United Methodist Church

Leander, TX

"Our Sunday School class used the Legacy Tree study. It was incredibly easy for any of us to facilitate, and the content very much encouraged fruitful discussion."

Joe Rule

Small group leader

Richardson, TX

Easy to use and lead

Easy To Use

Every video series and book can be led as Sunday School curriculum by using a detailed Leader's guide that includes lesson notes, questions, and goals for the leader, while still giving flexibility for individual interpretation. Also, there is always a Participant's Guide for group members and readers to go deeper to embed the concepts in their faith.


Scripturally Sound

Cecil reaches into the Bible for the scriptural basis of living a 7-day practical faith as Jesus' followers. Cecil's teachings are not tied to any denomination's Biblical interpretation and focus on principles that are treasured by all Christians. He often teaches, "If we just followed what Jesus tells us, the world would be a better place!"

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Great Discussions

One of Cecil's most cherished teaching goals is to foster great discussions. Through his style and encouragement, through his selection of content, and through the questions and guidance found in the Leader's Guide for each series, Cecil leverages his vast teaching experience to stimulate discussion within your group.

"It isn't easy finding a teacher who can really open up the Bible for people and help them embrace a commitment to genuine discipleship. Cecil's energy and evident love for the Lord draw people in and create an atmosphere that feeds learning and fellowship."

Dr. Scott Engle, Teaching Pastor

St. Andrew United Methodist Church

Plano, TX

Cecil writes a monthly newsletter that includes a devotional, thoughts, and new information on upcoming books, video lessons, and ministry developments. Receive his free devotional ebook,

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"I like the way you teach. You teach so that I can understand which is very simple."

Lavenda Elmer, small group leader, Liberty Hill, TX

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