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It’s human nature to desire comfort. But Jesus pushes us out of our comfort zones into deeper levels of faith, which Cecil Taylor labels as trust zones, those places where we take risks for Christ’s kingdom. In this insightful Bible study, Cecil walks through 12 stories of Jesus urging people to leave their comfort zones for trust zones and interprets what these stories teach us as we follow Jesus today. Offered as a book and as a six-part adult Sunday School lesson video series.

"Once again, Cecil Taylor has written a book that is relatable and timely. From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone is a fantastic way of challenging believers to do more. It inspires you to get up and do what God has designed you to do, encouraging you to move forward. 

"The number one question flowing throughout this book is, 'Are you ready to move from being in control to letting God control?' 

"Cecil uses his and others’ experiences to inspire you to be a risk-taker. He encourages not letting your fears, despairs, insecurities stop you from trusting in God and His plan for you."

 - Lyvita Brooks, “Hanging Out with Jesus” podcaster and author of Nuggets for Thought: A Mother and Daughter's Collection of Poems, Reflections, and Flash Fiction About the Life They See

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Whom do you trust?

My wife Sara is alive today because of trust.

In her college years, she was driving with her friend Robin. They stopped at a four-way stop on a highway, then Sara progressed into the intersection. Suddenly, Robin yelled, “Stop!” Without hesitation, Sara stopped. Right then a speeding eighteen-wheeler slammed into the front edge of her car.

Sara didn’t ask “Why?” She just obeyed when Robin told her to stop.


We trust all day long. We trust that our credit card data isn’t stolen when we execute a transaction. We trust that the traffic light works properly and shows red to cross traffic when it shows us green. We trust in caregivers when we drop off our children.

The spiritual question is, do you trust Jesus, and do you obey when Jesus tells you to do something?

We struggle for control.

I once taught a class of thirty-somethings and asked them the hardest part of being a follower of Christ. Their overwhelming answer was, “Giving up control.”

We don’t like giving up control; we like free will. When we read the Bible and understand what Jesus is asking of us, we don’t necessarily like it. We try to morph it into something we can accept.


Moreover, we like our comfort zones, which are a form of controlling our environment. A few years ago, Sara and I were tired of experiencing unsatisfactory results when we tried unfamiliar restaurants, so for awhile, we avoided new restaurants. We picked our favorites and ate strictly at those. Since we could control the results of our dining experiences, narrowly selecting restaurants was our comfort zone.

People love their comfort zones. Perhaps a daily routine has become a comfort zone. Maybe you’re not totally happy with your workplace, but you like your friends there, so you stay there, in your comfort zone. Make a list of your comfort zones; I imagine there are many more than you think. Your comfort zones are a way of controlling your environment in an uncertain world.

Jesus has more in mind for you, though. He has to break into your comfort zone so you can do something new for his sake. Changing your habits is uncomfortable but can also be exhilarating. When Jesus calls you from your comfort zone, will you give him control and do it?

You’re supported in the trust zone.

The thing is, Jesus won’t send you into new territory alone. He’s always with you in the trust zone, where you trust him, where you heed his voice and obey, where you try new things that he has in mind, where you feel his support. The main thing is that he wants to you to trust him completely as he puts you into a new service for his kingdom.


Learn from this book and this video study. You’ll start to examine your own comfort zones and understand where the trust zones are, where Jesus called people two thousand years ago, and where he calls you today.

What they're saying about "From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone"

"Cecil Taylor's new book, From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone, opened my eyes to a new way of looking at why we do some of the things we do, not only unbelievers but Christians as well. I highly recommend this book. It will not only inform you but will create in you a desire to learn to trust God more."

- Jennifer Chamberlain, author of Christianity Unraveled: Unpacking the Essentials of Salvation

"I loved the simplicity and structure of this book.  It took a topic that many Christians know to be true (going the extra mile in our faith) and laid it out in irrefutable yet relatable ways.  Cecil does such a good job of intertwining scripture, which is the basis for all of his thoughts, with historical figures as well as modern day scenarios."

- Kris Roberson, book reviewer, Texas

"Perhaps the most profound aspect of Taylor's book is the concept of the 'trust zone.' This is described as a spiritual state where individuals fully surrender to God's sovereignty, allowing Jesus to reign in their hearts. Taylor beautifully articulates how opening our hearts to Jesus paves the way for transformative change."

- David Inman, book reviewer, Florida

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