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Instant Content
"Live the Life that is Given"
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Cecil Taylor Ministries offers "Instant Content" for small groups and churches. We call it "Instant Content" because it is turnkey, easy-to-use content that can be quickly put into place. Our paid "Instant Content" typically consists of a book, a video study, a Participant's Guide, a free Leader Guide, and a free Message Guide.


Here is a free sample of what we're talking about: a one-week lesson called "Live the Life that is Given". It consists of the video, the Leader Guide, and the Message Guide. The video can be streamed from the site or downloaded to your computer or device. If you prefer a DVD, please email with your name and address, and we'll mail you a DVD version.

For more information on our "Instant Content," please visit our Products page.


Left-click the attachment image to download as a zip file.

Then access the video in the Downloads folder on your own PC or device.

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