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Podcast Blog: Lyvita Brooks Joins Practical Faith Academy Episode 1

The monthly podcast component of Cecil Taylor Ministries takes a new, exciting turn in Season 4 with the theme of Practical Faith Academy. In this season, I'm joined by guests who will share their stories and their ideas for living a seven-day practical faith. Instead of hearing solely my voice on this topic, you'll hear fresh, new voices discussing how to put faith into practice each day.

Lyvita Brooks is nothing short of the perfect first guest. Lyvita is vivacious and humorous yet thoughtful and poignant. She is a podcaster herself (Hanging Out with Jesus podcast, on which I'll appear April 25), author of nine books (one of which is nominated for a Christian Indie Award), and the founder of the Me Project Academy. She is my sister in Christ, and it was a blast to have her join me on this inaugural episode.

Highlights from this episode full of wisdom and emotion:

  • Lyvita puts a new spin on the definition of seven-day practical faith and identifies a core passage for building your practical faith.

  • Lyvita assures listeners that their life is full of purpose, associated with the place and time in which they exist.

  • She shares her evolution of coming to faith and how visiting a prison to minister to inmates completed her journey of accepting Jesus - in a bathroom!

  • Recently divorced, Lyvita talks about the role of faith in that decision and how God sustained her throughout a verbally abusive marriage.

  • Lyvita shares her best tip for living a seven-day practical faith, which aligns with her ministry mission of emphasizing intentionality in our faith journeys.

You can find the first Practical Faith Academy podcast in multiple ways. You can search for "Cecil Taylor Monthly Podcasts" on Audacy, Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and Podbean. You can also start your search at, which links to all those sites.

Enhance your seven-day practical faith with this podcast as well as the entire upcoming season of Practical Faith Academy! Follow my podcast on your chosen podcast service so you'll receive notifications each month. Join me in May for a visit with nationally known radio personality Season Bowers, who will bring joy to your day.

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