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Podcast Blog: #3 Theme of Jesus to Trust and Obey God

If you were to guess, you would probably imagine that Jesus talked frequently about the need to have faith in God and to turn that faith into obedience to God's will. You would be right, as this is the third-most frequently discussed theme of Jesus.

In this podcast, I sample from more than sixty verses where Jesus emphasizes that we should trust him and obey his instructions, and we should trust the Father and obey God's commandments. As usual, there are sub-themes to this topic:

  • Love and trust God.

  • Follow God's will.

  • Jesus's amazement that people lack faith.

  • Jesus's affirmations of how we can enrich our lives when we trust and obey God.

After sharing from the Bible, I converse with Hall of Fame author Lynn Austin, author of 32 books, nearly all of them Christian novels. Austin has won the top fiction prize eight times from the Christy Awards, which placed her in its Hall of Fame in 2013.

Beyond her work, the reason for bringing Lynn Austin to the program is her immense trust and obedience to God that has been instrumental in her career and her life. Listening to Austin's story will inspire you and give you ideas on the role of trust and obedience in your own practical faith journey.

One of the biggest takeaways I got from conversing with Lynn is the supremacy of serving a single person. If just one life is changed, if just one life is saved because of you, then all of your years of effort and service are worthwhile.

I hope you'll check out this podcast. You can find it by searching for "Cecil Taylor Monthly Podcasts" on Audacy, Apple, Spotify, and Podbean, or by visiting the Cecil Taylor Ministries YouTube Channel. An alternate launch point is to visit and click on "Free Content" in the top ribbon.

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