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Podcast Blog: #4 Theme of Jesus of The New Creation

Jesus brought something new to earth: A fresh view of the kingdom of God. At the center of this vision was Jesus himself.

December’s episode of the Top 11 Themes of Jesus focuses on the #4 theme, The New Creation. More than 60 times, Jesus described The New Creation that he brought to earth, usually known as the kingdom of God. But Jesus is partly the “new thing,” as well.


On this podcast, Cecil explores samples of what Jesus said in the Gospels about The New Creation, breaking it down into the four sub-topics: proclamations that The New has come; explanations of The New Creation; statements indicating that Jesus himself is the path to The New Creation; and conviction of the Pharisees and any Jewish traditions that stray from the kingdom.


Dr. Len Wilson is the interview guest in the second half of the podcast. His latest book, "Telos: The Hope of Heaven," co-authored with Leonard Sweet, articulates the false narratives we have about the kingdom and defines what the kingdom truly is and how we can participate in it. Some highlights from the conversation:

  • An incorrect view of the kingdom is that it is land-specific or time-specific, which limits God's power and presence in all places and in all times.

  • The kingdom is where Jesus is.

  • Every false narrative, every "-ism," moves us away from Jesus.

  • We don't build the kingdom; that puts too much authority in our hands. Instead, the Holy Spirit inspires us and works through us to create the kingdom.

  • And much more insight from Len and Cecil's conversation.

You can find the podcast by starting at the Cecil Taylor Ministries Free Content page at, or by searching for "Cecil Taylor Monthly Podcasts" on Audacy, Apple, Podbean, and Spotify. It's also available on the Cecil Taylor Ministries YouTube channel.

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