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Podcast Blog: #1 Theme of Jesus of Prophecy

The Top 11 Themes of Jesus podcast season draws to a close with the top theme of Jesus based on volume, Prophecy. We tend to forget that, among his other important qualities and roles, Jesus is a prophet.

Nearly 100 times in the Gospels, Jesus speaks prophetically, either predicting the future or taking on the role of prophet warning Israel of wayward ways and the consequences.

In this final episode of the season, Cecil reviews four categories of Jesus's prophecies, sharing examples of each from the four Gospels. One such category is how Jesus explains the way he fulfills past scriptural prophecies about the Messiah.

To wrap up the episode, Cecil reviews all eleven themes and adds extra insights as he reflects on those themes.

Finding the podcast is easy. Search for "Cecil Taylor Monthly Podcasts" on Spotify, Apple, Audacy, and Podbean. You can access all those podcast areas plus a copy of the podcast on the Cecil Taylor Ministries YouTube channel by visiting the launch site of

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