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Podcast Blog: Adding Joy to our Faith Life with Season Bowers

I'm excited to update you on my podcast in four ways:

1. I've renamed my podcast "Practical Faith Academy Podcast" to better define what it's about. It started as the name of a season, as I interview various people about how they put their faith into practice, but now it's the identity of the podcast itself.

2. The podcast is now available on iHeartRadio, the sixth platform to carry the podcast.

3. In June, I will shift from monthly podcasts to twice-monthly podcasts. Pray for my consistency in adhering to the new schedule!

4. The May podcast is up, and it's a good one, with Season Bowers as the guest, discussing joy as integral to her faith.

Bowers is widely known for her daily radio piece on stations across the country. She is also a radio host, author, speaker, podcaster, and pastor. Her book, "The Joy Bringer Challenge," focuses on how the Spirit fruit of joy can positively impact our daily faith walk and introduces techniques for fostering joy.

For decades an actress in theater, Bowers describes in the podcast how she felt a call to leave the stage to grow her religious knowledge and eventually pivot to serving the Lord in ministry. She emphasizes how everyone deserves and needs joy in their life, and how joy is intertwined with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Bowers discussed her own faith life, the challenges of a daily faith, and her best tip for living a seven-day practical faith.

It's a fascinating interview, and I hope you'll check it out. You can reach all six platforms by starting at, or you can go directly to each as follows:

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