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Podcast Blog: Bringing the Bible into Practical Faith, with Keon Lindsey

It may seem obvious that the Bible should be an essential part of our seven-day practical faith. But how can we use the Bible to inform our faith walk?

Author Keon Lindsey joins Cecil Taylor on Practical Faith Academy Podcast Episode 5 to discuss the relevance of the Bible to daily living and ideas for incorporating scripture into our faith journey. Cecil and Keon have a natural chemistry that shines through in the conversation.

A Christian author, a project management professional, and a former Navy pilot, Lindsey is passionate about the Bible because of how it has influenced his own life and how he believes it can influence others, especially newer Christians. Cecil asks Lindsey about his motivation for writing, his heart for new Christians, how the Bible informs our daily walk, the centrality of the church and spiritual disciplines to a full spiritual life, and more.

Highlights of the podcast:

2:44    What is a seven-day practical faith?

5:41    Our plans vs. God’s plans

8:29    Basic foundation of faith

10:20  How the Bible is relevant to our daily lives

11:55  The problem for people who are spiritual but don’t attend church

15:59  God wants to walk with us today

18:05  Best tip for living a seven-day practical faith

You can find the Practical Faith Academy on all major podcast apps and sites. Another way is to visit the Cecil Taylor Ministries home page and connect to selected podcast sites through the Free Content page. Be sure to check out all the episodes of Practical Faith Academy Podcast while visiting the podcast site.

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