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Podcast Blog: The Practical Christian Woman, Joyce Zook

Updated: Jun 27

Going back to my news and sports radio talk show days, I've always enjoyed interviewing guests. I'm having fun speaking with guests in my new podcast format called Practical Faith Academy. And how better to talk about a seven-day practical faith than to invite a Practical Christian Woman? Joyce Zook is my guest on the latest Practical Faith Academy podcast, now available on major podcast platforms and on YouTube.

Zook is a life coach, marriage coach, and wife coach, as well as an author. She is most interested in sharing practical, real-life ideas for improving your life based on a scriptural foundation.

Although Zook mainly addresses married women, she has plenty to say in the podcast to single women and men about living a seven-day practical faith. Some of the highlights of the podcast and their timings within the podcast:

2:09    What a seven-day practical faith means to Joyce

6:08    How Joyce brought her husband to God

8:00    The role of faith in a marriage

11:32  She provides practical ideas with a background of scriptures and focuses on next steps

14:25  The role of self-care in being an effective Christian on a daily basis

18:41  The hardest part of putting faith into practice

23:39  Joyce’s best tip for living a seven-day practical faith

24:53  More on Joyce’s ministry

To find the podcast easily, you can head to my home page at and click on the Practical Faith Academy icon.

Also, let me encourage you to check out all four episodes of the new Practical Faith Academy format, in which I interview guests about how to put faith into practice. I'm already seeing a variety of ideas that can help any individual on a daily basis. Check out the whole episode list after you listen to the latest with Joyce Zook.

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