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Podcast Blog: Introducing the Top 11 Themes of Jesus and #11 Theme - Evil exists

Updated: Feb 17

I'm excited about Season 3 of Cecil Taylor Monthly Podcasts! The theme for this season is "The Top 11 Themes of Jesus."

Often we hear pastors or fellow Christians say things like, "Jesus talked about _________ more than anything else." I've heard people fill in that blank with "money", "love", and "eternal life". None of those are true, according to my personal calculation of how many times Jesus discussed certain topics.

I researched the Gospels to understand the number of sayings of Jesus on different themes. I discovered 11 themes that stood out above the others by volume, and these are the monthly themes I'll share and discuss over the next 11 months (May 2023 through March 2024), counting down to the #1 theme.

In each podcast, I'll spend the first part discussing the theme and sharing sample verses. In the second part, one or more guests will join me to discuss the theme further and point out what the theme means to our 7-day practical faith journey.

The first theme, #11 on the countdown, is Jesus' assertion that evil exists in the world. I'm pleased to be joined by Minister Charlotte Jewell Mays, an ordained evangelist who has written a book on fighting Satan to reclaim her lost adult children after they were trapped in addiction, with one winding up imprisoned. Her book, "Live In The Victory: God’s Victorious Battle Plans for Parents of Prodigals," helps families in similar situations.

I find some Christians are comfortable talking about Satan and evil, while others are not. I never had a strong Satan orientation to my theology growing up, but as I have gone through my life and have seen the way evil can try to disrupt faithful people, I've come to appreciate the deep concern about Satan's influence on the world.

Jesus talked about that influence, and He also talked about the evil inherent in people. He identified having good hearts and evil hearts, and what fruit each produces. He warned about people who try to lead others astray with their teaching and prophecies.

Please join Charlotte and me in the opener of this engaging podcast series. You can find it in several easy ways:

Speaking of addictions, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the work of Boca Recovery Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Nearly a quarter of American adults in 2020 had a form of mental illness, with mood and anxiety disorders being some of the most common. Depression and addiction commonly co-occur, and each condition can complicate the other.

The Boca Recovery Center has created a free comprehensive guide to depression and addiction, including available resources. Please take a look:

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