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Guesting on the "Hanging Out with Jesus" Podcast

What a lively conversation I had with Lyvita Brooks, host of the Hanging Out with Jesus podcast! It's the first of two podcasts we'll do together this summer, the first on my book and video series, "The Next Thing: A Christian Model for Dealing with Crisis in Personal Life." I answer Lyvita's questions about handling crisis, whether believers should handle crisis differently than non-believers, what habits we need in a crisis, does God bring crisis upon us, and more.

Here are a few nuggets from the conversation, led by the vivacious Lyvita:

"God works for good in all things. I believe in God’s reclaiming power in crisis. I don’t believe that God visits calamity on us, but I believe He works through that crisis to produce something good, make it arise."

"In all circumstances, we need to live the life that is given, with joy, with prayer, and with thanksgiving, and that’s God’s will."

"I noticed that I was handling crises better than I ever had, and I sat down, and I said, 'Why is that?' And I started realizing there were four principles I was using of simplifying, trusting, resting, and grieving."

"In a crisis, avoid getting caught up in all the combinations of things that can happen."

For both insight and smiles, please check out the Hanging Out with Jesus Podcast, Episode 80, entitled, "Embracing God's Power during a Crisis," on iTunes/Apple or on Buzzsprout at Please also read about Lyvita and her ministry at

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