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Cecil's Interview with the Southern Christian Writer's Guild

I'm excited to share that I've been interviewed and featured by the Southern Christian Writer's Guild! Podcast host Teena Myers interviewed me in March for the Pursue Your Passion segment, and our conversation has been posted today at . Please take a break to listen to it.

Highlights of our short conversation:

  • I share the origin story of Cecil Taylor Ministries.

  • I summarize my first two books, "The Next Thing: A Christian Model for Dealing with Crisis in Personal Life" and "Live Like You're Loved: Steps to Living in the Freedom and Immediacy of God's Love."

  • I discuss two upcoming projects: a book on Christian parenting, and a memoir that, since the interview, is being reconstructed into non-book formats.

Excerpts from this interview will be played on Christian Mix 106 Internet radio on Mon., Aug. 28, at 9:30 pm Central time.

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