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Wednesday Devotional: Where is Jesus?

Luke 24: 3-6, John 20: 13, Luke 24: 24, John 20: 25, John 21: 7

Years ago, the youth at our church were conducting the sunrise service and recreating the Easter story. They showed Jesus being put in the tomb, then dramatized the moment Jesus' female followers showed up and discovered the tomb empty.

My four-year-old son was amazed. In the silence, he exclaimed loudly, "Where is Jesus?"

Isn't that the question of Easter and the days after? "Where is Jesus?"

Certainly the disciples and their supporters didn't know. The question of "Where is Jesus?" keeps returning at this point in the gospels.

  • The women arrive at the tomb, and angels tell them that Jesus is not there (Luke 24: 3-6).

  • On a second trip to the tomb, Mary Magdalene weeps and asks a gardener (who is actually Jesus) where Jesus is (John 20: 13).

  • On the road to Emmaeus, two followers encounter a resurrected Jesus they do not recognize and discuss how their companions could not find Jesus at the tomb (Luke 24: 24).

  • After Jesus appears to most of his disciples, Thomas does not believe their story, essentially implying "Where is Jesus?" and how he must see the Lord before believing them.

The disciples, having returned to Galilee and their fishing tradition, do learn where Jesus is: He's on the seashore, cooking them a fish breakfast (John 21: 7)!

Jesus displays an ability to manifest Himself in various places and in various appearances. The resurrected Christ is not the same as a resuscitated Christ; He is somehow the same and brand new, all at once.

Scripture tells us that Jesus was taken up to heaven (Acts 1: 9), and we await His second coming. But as a living being possessing the ability to manifest Himself as He will, it is possible that Jesus still walks among us at times, as some have claimed to see Him. So we continue to ask the question: "Where is Jesus?"

While I don't know the specific answer to that question, I do know the general answer: Jesus is not far away. He lives in us by the Holy Spirit; He promised to be with His disciples always, until the end of the age; He is only a breathed prayer away.

Where is Jesus? In our 7-day practical faith journey, we only need to seek Him, and then we will find Him.

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