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Wednesday Devotional: God Knows Me Better Than I Know My Cat

Luke 12: 7

I returned from a writers' conference to an unhappy cat that had been missing me. I've had cats as pets for the last 40 years, but I've never had one attach herself to me like Raven. I call her my "puppy kitty," because when she's awake, she follows me around, wanting to be near me.

I've also never had a cat that enjoys burying her face and eyes into my hand. My other cats didn't like having their eyes covered, but to Raven, the procedure is comforting and calming. I hold my hand such that she can snuggle her face into it. I also know how she likes to be petted and how long to pet her before I get bitten from overstimulation.

To really know someone is to know their preferences. That's a critical concept I taught my daughter about any man who might want a long-term relationship with her: He needs to learn and know your preferences. He needs to make the effort to know you deeply.

Here is what is amazing: Our Creator God makes that effort and knows each one of us deeply. The Bible shares many verses about God's knowledge of us, including the classic beginning of Jeremiah 1: 5, "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." But to me, an even more comforting passage is what Jesus said in the first sentence of Luke 12: 7:

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

It's one thing to know someone from the beginning, and it's another thing to keep up. I mean, the hairs on my head are not as numerous as they once were, so Jesus has to keep changing the tally!

Jesus knows us intimately, just like he knew his disciples intimately. He saw Nathanael well before they ever met in person. He foresaw that Peter and Judas would betray them in their own ways. He knew John deeply enough that Jesus could entrust John with his very own mother.

Our Lord and Savior knows each of us, our triumphs and faults, our preferences, our dreams. Through His Holy Spirit, He guides us personally, knowing our capabilities, or lack thereof, customizing His call to each person. At the writers' conference, a speaker asked, "How many of you think your call to ministry is different than anyone else's here?" A large number of people raised their hands. From speaking with many and learning their ministries, I can say they were right; most people had a unique calling based on their experiences, interests, and skills.

What about you? How is the Lord calling you? How well He knows you! He not only knows the numbering of the hairs on your head, but He knows who you are, how you are, and how far your capabilities can extend. Grow and bask in the light of God's love and personal knowledge of you.

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