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Podcast Blog: #9 Theme of Jesus - Jesus Will Judge Humans

My third podcast on the Top 11 Themes of Jesus is now available. You'll notice a common thread among the first three themes.

#11 was Evil Exists in the World. #10 was Believers Will Be Rewarded with Eternal Life. Now, #9 is Jesus Will Judge Humans. All three themes surround this general idea of what is good and evil in God's eyes, and what is required to reach heaven.

There is a tension in Jesus' sayings, as He seems to give two different messages. One is that eternal life is based on your belief, yet in this #9 podcast, we'll see how Jesus also emphasizes your behaviors, and that your eternal direction could depend on them.

How do we reconcile this tension? This is the focal point of this podcast.

To help me, I've brought along Jennifer Chamberlain, author of Christianity Unraveled: Unpacking the Essentials of Salvation. After I cover the relevant scripture on judgment in the first half of the podcast, Jennifer joins me in the second half to discuss the tension between seemingly disparate messages regarding eternal life. I finish with an analogy that, in my view, reconciles these messages.

It's a fascinating, important topic, so I hope you'll listen and gain from this podcast. You can find the podcast in one of three ways:

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