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Study "Live Like You're Loved" with Cecil and Fellow Believers

Would you like to be more joyful each day? Would you like to resiliently bounce back from setbacks, become a better person who treats others as Christ commands, and have a closer relationship with God?

This is the promise of "Live Like You're Loved." Cecil shows the formula for transforming your life. First, don't only believe, but also experience God's love, forgiveness, sending purpose, and eternal connection. Then take baby steps, called the SAIL steps, that fill the gap to become who God intends you to be.

You can study "Live Like You're Loved" online this fall with the author himself leading the study. Registration is now open at . If you don't have the book yet, you can buy it here, too, or from booksellers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Sessions start on Oct. 18, so get lined up now!

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