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Podcast Blog: #7 Theme of Jesus - Miracles

Of all the Themes of Jesus podcasts so far, this was the hardest to put together, but it is so worth it! And I promise, it's worth your time as well.

Don't let the image fool you; there are two parts to this podcast, one on physical healing, the other on spiritual healing. I'm joined by Ammie Bouwman of For His Glory Ministry, the only person I personally know who has experienced a verified miracle.

Ammie's miracle that removed her bipolar depression eventually propelled her into an international ministry with Facebook followers worldwide. She has a wonderful way of expressing herself that is easy to follow, so in the podcasts, she is able to communicate difficult concepts of miracles, healing, and faith in an understandable way.

The scripture is fascinating, too. In the first half of each podcast, I cover some of the things Jesus said about miracles. He did not speak regarding many miracles; since this podcast series counts the things Jesus said, my scriptural focus is on what Jesus said regarding miracles.

In the first podcast, we'll review the commands Jesus gave to make miracles happen and the types of indication he gave to express the new reality of the miracle. We'll consider how he interacted with people with compassion. In the second podcast, the topic of spiritual healing leads me to investigate the cases where Jesus indicates that a person's faith was instrumental in the miracle. Sometimes a person is spiritually healed as much as they are physical healed.

This was certainly the case with Ammie. In the latter half of the Part 1 podcast, Ammie shares the physical and medical aspects of her miracle. In the Part 2 podcast, the topic turns to spiritual healing, the role of faith in her miracle, how people can open themselves to healing, and how to retain and develop your faith when miracles do not occur, still assured that God loves you.

I pray you'll find this to be a meaningful podcast pairing. Please check them out! You can listen to the two podcasts by launching from my Free Content page at , or search for "Cecil Taylor Monthly Podcasts" on Apple, Spotify, or Podbean. The Cecil Taylor Ministries YouTube channel also offers the twin podcasts; visit .

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