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Random Blog: Almost Finished!

One of my favorite museums is the Sketch Museum in Lund, Sweden. This college town museum contains sketches and prototypes of public works of art. I have visited twice and came away fascinated by the artistic process that sculptors and painters have used to create their works.

For example, in the included photo, you can see various sketches from when the sculptor conceived her man-and-bird statue. Even the large statue is a prototype itself.

I feel inspired by such a careful process. It has guided me as I have written two books for fall completion. Today I am delivering the second ("Unison Parenting: Navigating Christian Parenthood with One Voice") to a publisher; the first ("From Comfort Zone to Trust Zone: How Jesus Urges us to Take Leaps of Faith for His Kingdom") was sent off last week.

I've been working on the books in parallel for about six months now. I have torn up sections and started over. I have edited and refined, ripped apart and cobbled together. Based on feedback of my early reviewers, I have reconsidered, explored further, and clarified. In all, I have delivered just short of 100,000 words between the two books.

Even at this milestone, I'm not done. Now I begin working on accompanying small group video studies, Participant's Guides, workbooks, Leader's Guides, and more, so that people like you can engage individually and collectively with the material. Hopefully these start to become publicly available as the calendar turns to 2024, although I'll be offering a presales opportunity soon on a revamped web site.

I hope that you will benefit from the care I've taken. I don't know if my works will stand as long as the man-and-bird statue will, but I pray that their effect will ripple through time.

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