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7-Day Practical Faith Blog: Chivalrous Christians

1 Timothy 6: 11-12

The legend of King Arthur holds that he invented chivalry. Arthur instituted a new way of life in the Middle Ages through his round table of knights, a privileged class that were urged by Arthur to valiantly use their might for the good of others.

Chivalry might sound like a strange goal for all Christians, not just men, to pursue. But Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines chivalry as "marked by honor, generosity, and courtesy." Such qualities go beyond gender and are desirable in today's fractured society.

The book "The 100 Most Important Bible Verses for Men" reads that "Gentle men consider the needs and feelings of the people in their lives. Tender warriors hold fast to their convictions when faced with a moral dilemma...Chivalry is a code of honor that incorporates respect, thoughtfulness, courtesy, stout-heartedness, heroism, and valor. It signifies an inner strength that allows you to protect and serve others while you contend for what's right."

In other words, chivalry is not just being nice and courteous. It requires an inner toughness or "stout-heartedness" that adheres to core principles and stands against injustice and wrongdoing. In my mind, a chivalrous Christian would follow Christ's admonition in Matthew 25: 40 to tend to "the least of these brothers and sisters of mine."

The Apostle Paul exhorts Timothy in 1 Timothy 6: 11-12 to exemplify the qualities of Christian chivalry:

Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith.

What distinguishes a chivalrous Christian is the source of their moral code. It does not come from patriotism or politics or philosophical thought. It emerges from scripture. It follows Christ's words in the Gospels. The Christian moral code confounds earthly wisdom because it goes against the grain, not coming from earth but from heaven.

In our 7-day practical faith, let us display honor, generosity, and courtesy, steadfastly driven by Jesus' commandments that we truly take loving care of the people we encounter.

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