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Hello, and welcome to the website!

You reading this right now means that someone you know identified you as an individual who has an impact on your spiritual community. I commend you for your work to plan, lead and guide others to develop their discipleship and their love for each other.

My name is Cecil Taylor, and my passion is to teach Christians how to live a 7-day practical faith. My approach is cross-denominational, focused on principles all Christians agree on. I believe that thriving spiritual communities are important for practical faith. So a key part of my mission is to provide spiritual community leaders with resources that grow their capacity to lead and to enable the functioning of their community.

For more than 30 years I’ve been leading small groups and spiritual communities, as well as helping others in their efforts. I launched Cecil Taylor Ministries as an effort to provide structure to what I do and to reach as many people who might want help as possible. In the last year alone, I’ve helped churches from Texas to Georgia with Bible studies, sermons, small groups, and more.

My purpose today is not to sell you something. Yes, I sell curriculum, mostly, that is designed to make spiritual community easier. That’s part of what I do that funds the whole of what I do. The rest of it is about curating thoughts, resources, and discussion, all to further the greater goal of everyone being able to experience what it’s like to experience spirituality and life alongside other people.


Here is a summary of what we offer at no cost right now:

  • A monthly small group newsletter that contains advice, articles, and updates on what all is available through Cecil Taylor Ministries

  • A monthly pastor letter with content specific to leading a church congregation

  • A monthly podcast focused on short series (currently the Himalayas of the New Testament)

  • Blogs and devotionals, published at least ten times per month

  • Periodic webinars (next one: Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. Central, "Five Ways to Get Closer to God during a Crisis")

  • Sample lessons that introduce our curriculum

The easiest way to access all of this and more is by subscribing to our newsletters below (or click here). Here are some other key links:

  • To review the services we offer churches, such as retreats, please click here.

  • To check out our lesson series, please click here.

  • I encourage you to explore in order to be even more informed on who we are, what we do, and how we’ve impressed and satisfied people who have worked with us.

Our first goal is community that spans communities, so we can all help each other. We want to curate and guide in such a way that there’s a place for you to receive, feel prepared, and only then give of yourself in the spaces you lead. 

We look forward to supporting you!

Cecil Taylor

"A teacher can know and teach the Bible and discipleship, but that won’t mean much if the participants fall asleep. Nobody ever fell asleep in one’s of Cecil’s classes. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious, creating an engaging learning environment and fostering genuine fellowship. I teach a large Sunday class and whenever Cecil has taught for me, the class has been anxious to let me know that I ought to invite him back. Your church’s ministry will benefit greatly by inviting Cecil to help."

Dr. Scott Engle, Teaching Pastor, St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Plano, Texas

Book and Video Studies from Cecil Taylor Ministries

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