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Unison Parenting
Useful Links

The Proactive Parenting chapter suggested an idea of what chores children are capable of doing at each age:



The Adaptive Parenting chapter recommended a couple of resources on developmental progression:




The Collective Parenting chapter suggested further ideas on raising children that can be found at:



The Preventative Parenting chapter urged getting current by reading these and other sites, summarizing and sharing the information with your parenting partners:

·, a US government site providing a range of information, mostly on alcohol, marijuana, and opioids.

·, a partnership effort between the DEA and Discovery Education to prevent drug abuse among children in grades three through twelve.

·       A Parents’ Guide to Drug-Free Kids, at

·, which is focused on families with an addicted child.

·      “Deadly Fake,” an excellent series on fentanyl by the Dallas Morning News in September 2023.  You may need a subscription in order to access this, so please search for the topic on their site.

·, Mayo Clinic’s information about depression.

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