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7-Day Practical Faith Blog: Learn to Love

1 John 4: 7

Consider me naive or ignorant, and certainly embarrassed, but somehow, I did not know who Christian songwriter and musician Lynn DeShazo was until recently. At the recent Blue Lake Christian Writers' Conference, Lynn led all worship sessions, and I was able to meet and speak with her while standing in line for a meal.

I had heard one of her worship hits, but most I did not know. I adored a song that was new to me, "Learn to Love," and I want to share a portion of the lyrics today for our prayerful consideration.

At the end of days, when there is no more

Of our earthly ways of strife and war,

When Jesus stands among his own,

He will ask us there, did we learn to love?

When he looks at me with searching eyes,

Will I meet His gaze? Will I laugh or cry?

When His holy flame touches all my words,

Will gold remain, or will they burn?

Jesus, Jesus, faithful and true,

Jesus, Jesus, help me love like you.

(Copyright Integrity Hosanna Music)

What an image of meeting Christ in heaven! We wonder what the meaning of life is, for what purpose God created us; and we may want to ask "Why?" when we meet our Maker. But Jesus will be the one asking the questions, and this possible first question may be the answer to our question: "Did you learn to love?"

How are you doing with that question? Most people I know often talk about how hard it is to love others - our family, our real and perceived enemies, even our best friends. I've often said that love is the messiest thing I've ever been involved with.

Yet...yet...we must learn to love. As it is written in 1 John 4:7:

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

Yes, that is the secret right there. In my latest book and video series, "Live Like You're Loved," I share what has worked best for me: Not so much to love, as to let God love through me. When I realize my imperfections in loving others, I have to take a deep breath and pray for God to do the work and for me to be the conduit. If it is left up to my own will, my own sensitivities, my own skills, then the loving isn't going to go well and may not happen at all. But when the love comes from God as John says, and I serve as my Lord's hands and feet and mouth and hugging arms, then things go better.

I can love when I realize, accept, and sense God's love for me individually. I suggest the same for you. When you invest in God's love, it pays off in the way you treat others. That's when you can feel like you are learning to love.

If you found this post meaningful, please share it so others can learn to love, too! For more on my book and video series, "Live Like You're Loved," including links to other blogs containing excerpts of the work, please visit .

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